a feature.

Sheesh!  What a day! I woke up this morning at 3:45am and never did go back to sleep… A LOT WAS ON MY MIND!

First of all, these expanders are really something.  I must say, I am AMAZED at the reconstruction results I’ve had so far (must be my fab plastic surgeon)….  but, these tissue expanders are for the birds!  My pain level was much better last night after having some soreness from an expansion on Monday.  However… let me be honest.  These tissue expanders make my chest super hard and its hard to sleep unless you lay on your back.  I USED to be a stomach sleeper…  not so much anymore!  Oh well.  A super small price to pay in exchange for a reduced breast cancer risk. Did I mention that my general surgeon told me that my breast cancer risk dropped from 87% down to 2%?  I mean… GEEZE.  I’ll take tissue expanders any day for that!!!!!!

The second reason I had trouble sleeping was because I knew this was happening today…


That’s a WAVE3 vehicle in my driveway.  For those of you not from Louisville, WAVE3 is one of our local news channels.

One of the news anchors from WAVE3, Janelle Macdonald, came to my house to cover the story of my family history of BRCA and my decision to have surgery.

I was SUPER nervous about the interview… that would be the main reason I woke up at 3:45am and watched a fazillion episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix until I finally decided to get up.   Every time I thought about being on TV, my stomach just turned into knots.  I really don’t like being in front of people… but I knew it was important to share my story publicly if I wanted to continue my mission of trying to turn this stupid gene mutation into something positive.

Before WAVE3 arrived, I super cleaned my house, got dressed, and did my makeup.  My friend Paige came over yesterday and tried to help me figure out what to wear.  She also gave me strict instructions to take a selfie before the interview so I could make sure that I had put on enough blush.  HA!  Just like something my mom would have told me to do.


Hope my blush met your expectations, Paige!  Love you to pieces!

Anyway, just after the selfie, WAVE3 arrived.  They set up these light umbrella things in my living room which was a little nerve-racking to watch.


Obviously, from this crazy dark picture, you can see why they needed to set up lights.  My living room has tons of lamps and windows, but its the darkest room ever.

After they set everything up, Janelle and I sat down and talked about my mom and what led me to genetic testing and prophylactic mastectomy.  Janelle’s mom passed away from breast cancer and she also had genetic testing a couple of years ago.  Her results were negative.  However, she remembered how nervous she was as she awaited her results and she seemed to totally understand everything I explained.  She was so nice and empathetic… it made me feel so much more comfortable than I had anticipated.

After we talked, they asked me to show them some pictures of my mom and our family.  They shot video of us talking about the pictures and then took some video of just the pictures alone.  The entire experience lasted about an hour.  Before they left, I asked them when and if the story would air and they said it would come on tonight!!!   I was shocked.  I had expected it to take at least of couple of days for them to put the segment together.

My husband, Mitch, was on duty at the fire station tonight.  So, my dad and I grabbed dinner at Whole Foods and headed to the station to watch the news and see the finished product of my story.  In the event that you want to see it, here is the link:

VIDEO: Woman makes decision to remove breasts, plans further surgery to cut cancer risk.

I was super worried that I would sound dumb on TV or that it wouldn’t have focused on what I felt were the most important parts of my story.  But, after watching, I was really pleased with how the video was put together.  WAVE3 did such a nice job showcasing my purpose for coming forward and honoring my mom and grandmother.  My mom and grandmother would probably kill me if they could see all of their pictures featured on the news tonight.  My grandmother especially hated having her picture taken.  Other than that though, I like to think that they would be proud of me for sharing their story as well as my own.  I know that they would have wanted me to do everything I could to prevent getting a cancer diagnosis.  I also know they would want me to do my best to use my experience to help other people.  I sure hope that will happen.

Until tomorrow.



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