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brca blessing

Well. Speaking of beautiful and shocking surprises… I am so overwhelmed with how my story has spread.  I’ve already had several messages and emails from BRCA+ women wanting information about my surgery because they are trying to make genetic testing and surgery decisions. Some of the women already had surgeries I am considering for the future, so its been hugely informational for me as well.  I even set up meetings with a couple of people for next week so we can compare notes about experiences and doctors!  It is such an AMAZINGLY POWERFUL feeling to know that I might be able to take the curse of this dumb gene mutation and turn it into a blessing for myself and others. God sure works in mysterious ways!

Overall, as others have found out about my surgery, there is one question I have been asked most…

“Which doctors and surgeons did you use for your surgery?”

Well, let me tell you… there were three doctors that played a huge role in helping me through all of this and each one of them has been FABULOUS.  Honestly, I cannot brag on each of these doctors enough.  All three doctors have offices that are part of Baptist East Hospital in Louisville.  Each doctor provided excellent services and had excellent supporting staff to help.  Here is the information about the doctors I used:

1. Dr. Booth with Women’s First


Dr. Booth is a gynecologist at Women’s First.  She has the sweetest spirit and is INCREDIBLY knowledgable.  She is the doctor who helped me figure out a plan of action once I received my BRCA results.  She talked with me extensively about my different options and helped me decide what would be best for me considering my age and stage of life (I haven’t started a family yet). I truly felt as if she treated me like a daughter during the entire process… something so close to my heart since my mom wasn’t around.  She is the person I credit for helping me find my way to breast cancer freedom!

2.  Dr.Noel with Associates in Plastic Surgery


Dr. Noel was the plastic surgeon who preformed the reconstruction portion of my surgery.  I was referred to Dr. Noel and have been absolutely tickled with my experience with him and his office staff.   Throughout this process, I have spent tons of time in his office for pre-op consultations, post-op appointments, and reconstruction.  I have never had a bad experience.  His appointments always run on time and everyone in the office is so friendly.  Dr. Noel is extremely thorough and has a genuine interest in taking care of his patients.  I have spoken to several other women who have also used Dr. Noel as their plastic surgeon.  All of them have spoken very highly of their experience with him.  I am so pleased with the reconstruction result I have had so far and feel like he has done an excellent job taking care of me along the way.

3.  Dr. Chipman with Baptist Medical Associates


Dr. Chipman was the general surgeon that preformed the double mastectomy portion of my surgery.  I chose her because of a recommendation I received from Dr. Noel as well as some of my nurse friends who work with her at Baptist East. I met with her several times before and after surgery.  She was extremely personable and friendly.  During each appointment, we spent a lot of time talking about my upcoming surgery. She was always glad to discuss my concerns and answer all of my crazy questions. Like the other two offices, there were other staff members I worked with in Dr. Chipman’s office.  All of them were very nice and helpful!

I know there are many talented doctors and surgeons around the Louisville area. However, if you are searching for doctors and considering prophylactic mastectomy, I would HIGHLY recommend each one of the doctors I used.    These three doctors treated me wonderfully and I feel so blessed to have had such great care during such an emotional surgery.  I am totally convinced that these doctors saved my life.

Have a good night.



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