a meeting.


I’ll be the first to admit, I love winter.  I love sweaters, snow, and hot chocolate.  However, the cold that arrived in Kentucky a few days ago has come a little early for my taste.  I’ve been really good about getting out and taking walks to improve my stamina… but when it’s this cold? Not happening.  Instead, I’ve spent way too much time on my computer watching mindless Netflix shows and combing pinterest for interesting photos.  In the midst of my Pinterest extravaganzas, I have found several great mastectomy related pins.  Here are my current favs:


1. Jay-Z meets BRCA prophylactic mastectomy.  Love this… mostly because I can hear him rapping this in my head as I read it.


2. Super vulgar reconstruction t-shirt (Sorry, Nana!).  I guess you could wear this even if you didn’t have a mastectomy.  However, I find this highly appropriate for someone going through the early stages of the reconstruction process. Obviously, I would never actually wear this shirt in front of other people if I owned it.  I would love looking at it, though, as it hung in my closet. =)

And last, but certainly not least….


3.  Boob scarves.  Yes, people.  These things are for real.  Aren’t they hilarious? When I came across them on Pinterest, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Of course, I headed over to Etsy to get more information about these lovely products and could hardly believe my eyeballs when I saw the search results.  There were TONS of listings for boob scarves.  Apparently, these things must be pretty popular.  Who knew!?!

So, clearly I have entirely too much time on my hands right now.  I am looking forward to having a little more purpose in my life after Thanksgiving when I return to 3rd grade.


In other news, I had my 5th expansion today! Wahoo!  I get excited about every expansion because it means I am one step closer to putting this all behind me.

My appointment was at 10am this morning.  I got dressed early so I could run out and get some Thanksgiving treats for all the sweet people who work in my plastic surgeon’s office.  I know I have said this a fazillion times, but my plastic surgeon’s office is THE NICEST PLACE to have appointments.  The nurses, the techs, even the appointment ladies are super sweet. Anyway, I drove to Panera and bought a box full of bakery items to give to the staff.  I got home just in time for my ride.

The world’s greatest taxi driver, Paige, picked me up, took my picture with the Panera treats, and we took off!


At this point, I don’t need a driver to help me get to my appointments.  However, I asked Paige to take me because I was nervous about my expansion today and wanted to take a pain pill.  I have started to get some feeling back in my chest and I was afraid it would hurt more than normal.  It’s also nice to have someone come along for moral support.  Thank goodness my taxi driver has super reasonable rates!  Ha.

So, like usual, we drove the quick 5 minute drive to the doctor’s office.  Then, we headed up the elevator and walked into the office and I gave my Panera treats to the sweet administrative assistant who works the front window.  Once I handed over the goods, Paige and I looked around the waiting room for a place to sit.  It was hard to find a place because it was SUPER full of patients this morning. Maybe because of the upcoming holiday?

We finally decided to go sit in the corner behind this half-wall that partitions the waiting room.  We headed over and then, to my surprise, I looked up and there was Katie!  My sweet friend, Katie Pass, also had a mastectomy recently and she was sitting behind the half-wall waiting for her appointment!


I had completely forgotten that we both had appointments this morning!  Once I sat down, I got to meet her super nice husband and Katie got to meet Paige.  We started talking and really just had way too much fun catching up in the waiting room.  We talked about how hard it is to shave when you can’t raise your arms super high… and how we wondered if we’d be allowed to have some wine over the Thanksgiving holiday.  You know, all the important stuff. =) I’m sure all the other people in the waiting room thought we were crazy… Oh well!

Unfortunately, our waiting room party was short-lived.  We both got called back shortly after we sat down.  I was taken to my normal room and watched the sweet nurse, Cheryl, get everything ready for my expansion.

008009For those of you who are wondering, that’s a bag of saline.  Several people have told me that they thought my expanders were filled with air.  Nope. It’s saline fluid.

Not too long after Cheryl dropped off the expansion materials, my plastic surgeon came in.  He checked out my incisions and said that everything looked great.  I’ve been putting on Eucerin and wearing those Scar Away sheets like nobody’s business, so I was glad to hear that it’s paying off!  After the quick inspection, it was expansion time.  Even though I have more feeling in my right side now, the expansion needle didn’t hurt too bad.  And like always, it was over speedy quick.

Before my doctor left the room, we talked about my activity level.  He said my range of motion was almost back to normal.  He also said I could start doing aerobic exercise that didn’t require tons of arm movements.  He also said I could start doing some weight lifting (no more than 5 pounds) if I avoided using my chest muscles.  I think I’ll wait a little longer for all that.

I also had the chance to talk to him about the future.  Looks like I only have a couple more expansions left.  I go back in two weeks.  Hopefully, by the time we are done with the expansions I’ll have a better idea of when my exchange surgery will be.  Dr. Noel said it will be sometime between February and April.  Looking forward to it!

Well.  For being such an uneventful day, that sure was a long post.  Working on a Thanksgiving related post for tomorrow.

Stay warm.



One thought on “a meeting.

  1. WOW!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE that it has been 5 weeks. You are a SUPERWOMAN!!!!!! If you ever need a substitute driver, I am available for you anytime. I guess you will go back to school next week. BOO!!!!! I wanted another lunch date. LOVE YOU!!!!!

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