a hurdle.


Well.  I had planned to write a Thanksgiving post yesterday, but my lovely wisdom teeth had better ideas.  I have three wisdom teeth and I have known for years that I needed them removed.  However, they were never a high priority in the midst of caring for my mom, grandmother, and myself.  The teeth were always slightly sore, but not a huge problem.  I never even thought about them….. until yesterday.  I woke up with some pretty severe pain.  Definitely an infection.  To give you way too much information, my wisdom teeth have erupted through my gums and the gum around my bottom right tooth is super painful and puffy.

I was feeling pretty puny, so Super Husband called the dentist and scheduled an emergency appointment for me.  Sure enough, the dentist confirmed that I have a pretty nasty infection around one of my wisdom teeth. Yuck.  He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and recommended that I have my three favorite teeth removed ASAP.

After I left the dentist, I called Dr. Noel’s office to make sure that oral surgery wouldn’t jeopardize my mastectomy reconstruction. He explained that oral surgery might pose a small risk to my expanders. However, he also explained that the tooth infection was a much bigger threat to my reconstruction.  I don’t totally understand how they are related, but I am assuming the infection in my tooth could travel through my bloodstream to the area around my expanders?  Not sure exactly… but I am sure that if Dr. Noel says I need to get the teeth out, I am going to do exactly what he says.  There is no way that I am going to let these stupid teeth affect the amazing progress I’ve had since my mastectomy.

So… now I have a tooth infection and I’m super stressed.  I know it’s a small procedure compared to a mastectomy, but I feel so guilty when I think about having to miss anymore days of school.    Thanksgiving is tomorrow and there isn’t much hope of having surgery before next week.  I am supposed to go back to work on Monday and I REALLY do not want to miss anymore days with my kids. I have an oral surgery consult at 1:30pm today.  I’m hoping we can work something out.

Guess my Thanksgiving post will have to wait until Thanksgiving.

Wish me luck.



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