a list.


Ten Reasons I am Thankful for my Mastectomy

1. I never have to wear a bra again! Yipee!

2. Thanks to reconstruction, I won’t have to worry about gravity making “things” sag down to, well, who knows what… =)

3. According to my general surgeon, my breast cancer risk has dropped from 87% down to 2%.  AMAZING.

4.  I made new friends.  I have met some true breast cancer and BRCA+ heroes throughout my surgery journey… including Katie Pass, a fabulous partner in crime who I already love to pieces.

5. I reconnected with old friends. I was so touched by the outpouring of love I received from friends I have not spoken to in years. My surgery gave me a chance to reconnect with so many people I love and miss.

6.  Surgery forced me to rest.  Like most people, I have a super busy schedule.  Having a mastectomy forced me to slow down and take care of myself physically and emotionally for 6 weeks.  Slowing down wasn’t easy (I like to be on the go!!), but it was absolutely necessary for my body and heart to start healing.

7.  My anxiety level has dropped dramatically.  Since my mom died two years ago, I constantly worried about possibly carrying the BRCA gene mutation and developing cancer.  I sprinted to the doctor over every small pain and even started having panic attacks last spring.  Now, I am free… absolutely liberated… knowing that my fear of breast cancer will never control me again.

8. Having a mastectomy helped me realize my blessings.  My in-laws, my husband, my best friends, my out-of-town family members… they spoiled me with more love and support than I thought was possible.  I know more than ever that God will always provide the perfect people to help me through hard times.

9. Preparing for my surgery led to some great guilt-free shopping trips!  I knew I would need button up shirts, jackets, and comfortable clothes that would also be suitable for company.  I didn’t have to feel a bit bad about buying new clothes when I knew I was doing it for a good reason.

and most important to me…

10. My mastectomy helped me create something positive from some super sad experiences.  My surgery allowed me give my mom’s sickness some sort of purpose… I like to think that because of her illness and desire to have genetic testing, I am able to save myself and help other people.  I am so thankful that I had a mom who thought to have genetic testing so that I do not have to go through the same pain and suffering that she did for 8 years.


Have a blessed Thanksgiving.



One thought on “a list.

  1. Loma Gay McCammon says:

    You are so strong! My thoughts will be with you as you head back to third grade. I’m sending lots of love and good wishes. I will definitely pray for you. I hope to see you when I’m there to help in K!

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