a return.


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

I actually super enjoyed my holiday and ended up eating everything I wanted too!  If you hadn’t read before, I was planning to stick to mashed potatoes and applesauce because of a ridiculous wisdom tooth infection.  However,  thanks to the handy-dandy antibiotics the dentist gave me, my tooth recovered just in time for green bean casserole and chocolate chip cookies. I tried to eat as many crunchy foods as I could because I am having my wisdom teeth removed on the 13th.  The doctor said I was pushing it by waiting that long, but the only other option was this Tuesday and I’m just not ready for all that quite yet.

While my antibiotics were slowly working their magic, I traveled up to Illinois to spend Thanksgiving with the greatest in-laws ever.  If you haven’t ever been to Illinois… let me just tell you… IT IS THE FLATTEST PLACE ON EARTH.  On most days, you can literally see from one town to the next.


I’ll be the first to admit, I love the rolling hills of Kentucky…. but there is a lot of beauty in those simple Central Illinois cornfields.  You can see for miles around.  It’s a very surreal view for my Kentucky eyes and it baffles me every time.


Pretty, huh?

Anyway, in addition to traveling through cornfields and eating my weight in chocolate fudge, I loved spending time with my husband’s sweet family.  We had a great time visiting, playing cards, and shopping.  I even got to meet my new niece, Camilla.


I’m telling you right now… they do not make babies cuter than this!!! She has the best cheeks.  Already looking forward to seeing her again at Christmas.

After our three-day trip, Super Husband and I drove back to Louisville so he could be at the station this morning.  We must have had a good trip.  The dogs slept the whole way home and they’ve hardly woken up at all today.



So, now we’re home and I’m getting ready for a big week ahead.


I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but tonight marks the end of my six-week recovery period.  I go back to work in the morning.

Thankfully, I have no restrictions as I head back to work with my little 3rd grade people. I am pretty nervous about getting back into the swing of common core and I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle all the questions from kiddos…  What kind of surgery did you have?  Why did you need surgery if you weren’t sick?  What body part did they operate on?  Hmm….  I think I may stick to changing the subject instead of trying to come up with answers.

At this point in my recovery, I feel really good during the day.  I can carry heavier things with little effort and I have pretty normal range of motion.  The biggest problem I have is pushing down on things… shifting gears in my car, opening medicine bottles… pushing anything is a struggle.  Not sure when or how my poor chest muscles are going to get used to working right again. I don’t feel super strong, but I do feel like I have the energy to do my job. At least I think I do…. I have heard from a few teachers at my school that my class may need to be whipped back into shape after being with a sub for so long.  Tomorrow will definitely be interesting.  Pray for me. Ha!

The hardest thing about going back to work tomorrow is knowing that I am moving on and that the mastectomy is over.  It’s not that I want to go back and do the surgery over again, but I definitely don’t want to forget it or leave it behind as I head back into my 3rd grade bubble.  My choice to have a preventative mastectomy was the most defining decision I have ever made for myself.  The surgery has changed me… inside and out.  I am capable of things I didn’t know I could do.  I realize that I can use negative experiences to positively affect someone else.  My priorities have changed.  I know more than ever that the most important things in life are health, family, and friends.


I’m not quite sure how to integrate the events of the last six weeks into my normal life.  I’m nervous about how my new self will fit and work in my old routines.

I guess we’ll find out soon.



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